Ideas for Hen Parties

When a person is having a hen party at home there are some great ideas to make this a fun event. The bride to be will have a good time and everyone at the hen party will enjoy a good laugh.

Room Makeover
Before the bride arrives at the event the hens should get together and set up the room. The room can be filled with balloons, bales of straw inside or outside, outdoor seating should be set up, and some other creative ideas to give the room or setting a real festive approach.

Share Some Pictures
Everyone can bring along some of the funny pictures they have taken with the bride over the years. They can even bring some pictures from when they were much younger. They can then hang them on the wall or pass them around and share a good laugh. This will also bring back some memories.

Treasure Hunt
This is a fun game and the hens can work in small teams. Each group will be given a list of items they will need to find and a sack to put them in. For a good laugh, there can be some adult items that are put onto this list. There may be some challenges that the hens are asked to complete too. Someone can be selected to be the judge and make sure the hens found everything on their list. (

Dance Lessons
There are many different types of dance lessons and moves that can be found on the internet. This can be a fun challenge as the hens learn new dance moves. There are dance coaches that will instruct from the internet and it will be fun to watch the hens learn to perform these moves. They can even be saved and under at a later time. The hens can even show off their new dance moves at the wedding. (

Cocktail Lessons
There are some great drinks out there and what is a hen party without some beverages. Some mixologists will pay a visit to the party they will post lessons online. The hens can follow along with the instruction and make some new drinks with some great flavors. A person may need to get all of the supplies ahead of time for this fun activity. (

Male Entertainment
Some good looking and buff men will come to the hen party and put on a good show. They can dance or they can be used to complete some simple tasks. The men may dress up in an apron and serve the food. They can come fully dressed and then strip down once they are at the party to entertain. Some of the men may also be willing to be the subject of a drawing class. The hens can try to draw the model and see what type of pictures come out.

These are some ideas to host a hen party and some fun things that can be done at the party. These activities will make everyone laugh and the hens will have a good time.